Information Services

Our Information Service is delivered in the form of reports and SMS either delivered as emails or direct to subscribers hand phones; and through our Information Service website ‘Pegasus Insight’.

Daily Highlights:
Up-to-date information covering Terrorism, Business, Criminal Activity, Security Forces, Economy, Civil & Labour Affairs, Courts & Legal Affairs, Health, Politics, Weather Alerts and Regional News. Daily, in English.

Public Activity Reports:
Details of all reported demonstrations and activities which may have a detrimental effect on our clients or their businesses. Daily, in English & Indonesian.

Business & Politics Reports:
Reports and analysis for the Business and Politics sectors within Indonesia. Weekly, in English.

Regional Security & Travel Advice Reports:
Regional reports and analysis from across the archipelago, including Security & Travel Advice. Fortnightly, in English.

Advisory Reports:
Advice to clients on specific subjects including Criminal Trends, Travel Advice to Particular Regions, current Terrorism Methods, Cultural Awareness Issues, Political Elections and Candidate Profiles, Flooding and Flood Precautions. Weekly (and as necessary), in English.

SMS Alert system:
We provide an SMS Alert system which alerts clients to any serious incidents, or information which we feel is of an urgent nature.

In addition to the above, we have the ability and resources to provide one-off Information Reports on a wide variety of subjects, individually tailored to Clients needs. In English & Indonesian.