Emergency and Crisis Response

No matter how effective your security function is, there will always the residual risk which cannot be totally eliminated, with this in mind, the need for comprehensive emergency response planning should not be overlooked.

Our Pegasus Organisational Resilience experts can assist you in developing such response plans to deal with any potential man-made or natural risk which may threaten your organisation.

These plans include, Emergency & Crisis Response, and Evacuation plans, which if utilised correctly can help to protect staff and other assets whist reducing incident time that can cause loss of productivity and revenue.

In recent times the region has witnessed a number of occasions including localised natural emergencies or social unrest from which companies / clients have requested the evacuation of staff and their families. Pegasus, in conjunction with our Nawakara partners have, and are able to provide evacuation response upon request.

Indonesian Government Act Number 24 / 2007 categorises 11 natural and man-made emergency situations, these are; earthquake, tsunami, volcano, flood, drought, hurricane, landslide, technology failure, epidemics and outbreak of disease, social conflict and terrorism. All of these emergency situations have occurred since the Act was passed.